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Imperfection Defines Us.....importance of "joy of work?"

 Todays Riddle with cha: what is this??
do you know what is this??

while you all keep thinking or start google-ing.....lets talk history.......................heheheheee
ok then...sorry for taking time for the new previous post...we already know what is "cogito ergo sum" which is definitely not one of the song from sum done with baroque period and now entering the new era!!!Art craft and Art Nouveau........first....lets talk about the importance of the joy of work into modern design..or maybe in your life perspectives.....

by the way....the answer for the picture above is famous Greek melodrama in four acts by Victorien Sardou that premiered in 1894 at Renaissance Theatre...GISMODA..........its very important because its produced by Alfons Maria Mucha (24 July 1860 – 14 July 1939)

Alfons Maria Mucha

which appeared on 1 January 1895 in the streets of Pari...and you know what....It was an overnight sensation, and announced the new artistic style and its creator to the citizens of Paris. Initially called the Style Mucha, (Mucha Style), this soon became known as Art point is..he greatly influence the beginning of era of Art Nouveau...thats all for the TRIVIA!!hehe.....
~~~~so...are you wondering...."what is the point of this trivia with the thing im already said about 'joy of work' earlier???........hold on patientt....chilll~~~hehehehe

what are you doing right now??do you ENJOY your work???do you satisfy with what are doing???are you need and require your soul to do any work daily????do you think its very important???.....for me....if you enjoy your workk...and put your soul 100% (its become much easier if we Happy with our task)...and the most important thing...SINCERE with what we are doing....things can become much more easier and we much more appreciate our works....and people will automatically appreciate that also...hhuuhuuuhuuuu.......who wants to work with gloomy hearts ritteeeee??hehheee....we enjoy..have funn...and everything get easierr........Human is fragile......,they expect the fact...much people keep yelling about perfection in work.....what they dont realizeee is....perfection is unmeasureable....its unknownnnnnnnnnn....we never know what its limit.....

let me put it n this way through this dialog as an example....metaphorically..... 

Rene bin Descartezz: :  hye...check it out...this is my new i-phonesSum 4!!!!its the perfect gadget and latest in baroque era nowdays!!!

ALfons a/l Mucha  : wow!!!!how you get it???!!!its surely you can spread your twisted thought much more easier!!!!

Rene bin Descartezz : easy!!!juzzzzz think and say this...'i think therefore i have perfect phone!!!!!'and you got it!!!!
________after a couple days>>>>>>

ALfons a/l Mucha : heyy...check it out!!!!i have brand new perfect i-PadMucha5 with bigger screen and art nouveu style housing for free!!!!perfect for this period!!

Rene bin Descartezz :damnnnn!!!!

(moral: there is no such thing perfect things because its will not stand for the it???xpaham lantak korang r..hahaa)

so.........people usually tend to stress to find perfection when they do the things...the end up having too much stressful when they try so hard to achieve perfection (which they dont know how to measure,how to stop and how to achieve)......and if this happen....they lose the most important things when doing something.....the feel of JOY and HappY when do a work.........;))))

so....i got the of work is important to satisfy with our self......but...what the hell you talk about??what is the connection with history???????????????

hehehe....its very related...because..the pattern in history is often design history....human always try to find something new...and then...get bored and refer to the past to fi design.....and then try to find perfection....and then get bored againnn...and so on......since from renaissance to baroque....and then art & craft......until the new movement comes which is ART NOUVEAU........what is this????????
art nouveau totally rejected the classical elements however, not demand the perfection in the movements.....its totally new modern nouveau itself means 'new art'...its the manisfestation of artist and designer that want to put their  joy in their work without stuck with past elements and also demand soulfulness work not a perfect work done by machine.....thus, the art nouveau masterpiece is UNIFY and WHOLENESS...its not only art..but its a way of thinking...the art nouveau works is full of joy and soul because its very sincere and reject 'the machine replace men' theory.

Maison & Atelier of Victor Horta.
Staircase of the Maison & Atelier of Victor Horta. This building is one of four Horta-designed town houses in Brussels that are together recognised by UNESCO as "representing the highest expression of the influential Art Nouveau style in art and architecture

above is the maison & atielier by Victor Horta...famous Art Nouveau architect..they put passion and joy in their work without refering to the past elements..he come out with totally new and modern art and become a prominent work and very influence until nowdays.........not enough???you get what you ask for..huhuuuuu

Casa Batlló staircase
Casa Batlló roof
Casa Batlló by Antoni Gaudí and Josep Maria Jujol, built in the year 1877 at district of Barcelona, Spain
this is the incredible casa batllo (house of bone) at Spain. The building looks very remarkable — like everything Gaudí designed, only identifiable as Modernisme or Art Nouveau in the broadest sense. The ground floor, in particular, is rather astonishing with tracery, irregular oval windows and flowing sculpted stone work. It seems that the goal of the designer was to avoid straight lines completely. Much of the façade is decorated with a mosaic made of broken ceramic tiles (trencadís) that starts in shades of golden orange moving into greenish blues. The roof is arched and was likened to the back of a dragon or dinosaur.

 Art Nouveau has made itself know and present from 1880s to 1910s. This movement walked under the flag of an art that would break all connections to classical times, and bring down the barriers between the fine arts and applied arts. Art Nouveau was more than a mere style. It was a way of thinking about modern society and new production methods. It was an attempt to redefine the meaning and nature of the work of art. From that time on, it was the duty of art not to overlook any everyday object, no matter how utilitarian it might be. This approach was considered completely new and revolutionary, thus the New Art - Art Nouveau name.
   An artist should work on everything from architecture to furniture design so that art would become a part of everyday life. By making beauty and harmony a part of everyday life, artists make people's lives better.
Art Nouveau had its deepest influence on a variety of art and design movements that continued to explore integrated design, including De Stijl, a Dutch design movement in the 1920s, and the German Bauhaus school in the 1920s and 1930s.

the passion of the designer and artist at art nouveau era is based on their own enthusiasm and in order to achieve satisfaction in their work....they want to enjoy their work without stick into past elements and at the same time put advocate soulfulness to their work and rejected the perfection.. for them,the human is imperfect..and imperfection defines us!!we are not machine..we have to enjoy our work....and the result..their work is superb and become a milestone in modern art!!!!its still nouveau is very importance and influence and their way of well as practicing 'joy of work'.....still relevant until nowdays.......SO.....TQ for put your soul to read this glyphs/post!!!!huhuuuu..tqvm to Mdm Suzy for the last week class session...ok..we meet in another glyphs!!!!huhuu...

for a further information about art nouveau,click here :


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