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when they meet each others>>>>Industrial Design + adolf loo's theory = ?????????

Salam.......the plot of this post i already researched earlier...because of several thing have to work out..i delay this post...sory...(padahal manyak rilekss men Yugi-oh..hahhaa)............okk..lets continue...this post is basically much related to my field as industrial designer..and how history have influence the design scenario worlwide...>>>>>i am very EXCITED!!hahahahaaa

Ok.after last post on battle of the brain...i just give a brief intro about two great art style at 19th century which is vienna secession and Adolf Loo's....and they oppose each other...its natural bcoz as human we always changing and vary to each others......(besa la...kalo sume sama da macam zombie plak kite..hehehe) basically....the vienna secession which are rejected the past still use many unnecessary ornaments in their works...they also can be categorized as art nouveau movement..and after that...its evolve to become much simple style which is art Deco..(art nouveau much more organic while art deco use geometric line)...both movement might be i explain later......
However.....Adolf Loo's idea on rejection of ornamentation that oppose art nouveau...evolve to become modernist movement...that the story of the both art style....and as industrial designer....the Adolf loos THeory bring huge impact on the industries!!!!WHY?????? answer the headline of this post question:which is...what will happen when they meet each other....the answer is;;;;;;;;;;----------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

INdustriAL DeSiGn + Adolf Loos = "Soulmate"

 For me personally...adolf loos theory is very acceptable and suitable for industrial design...this is because,,,as industrial designer...the main idea is to sell and mass nouveu prefer for the 'one off' masterpiece....industrial designer should fulfill consumer demand in wide market!!!!!so...lesss is more is much more long as its still valuable and aesthethic...the imporrtant thing for mass manufacture is to use the machinery...thats why unnecessary items is better to cut away!!!got iT!!!!!!!!

thus,,both belongs to each others...and they match and perfect in every sense.....WWHHHYYY??????? made it easy...this is list of my opinion why industrial design match with Adolf Loos!!!!

1. industrial Design nature is to pursue the mass manufacture needs.

because the adolf loos idea rejected the ornamentation is critical for the mass production and thats the industrial design is about......MASS MANUFACTURE!!.....his idea lead to modernism that depend on the machine....(try mass produce casa batlo kat setiap negeri tgokk..sapa larat wat sebijik camtuh)...however...the asthethic is still critical on modernism..

2. Ornament is a crime.........=profitable,easy manufacture
the idea of adolf loo's is not rejected the ornaments but he belief that ornament should become exclusive...he unpleasent with the fact ornamentation is become un necessary and waste in the sake of the rich people. and he unpleasent with the fact that this work of art is cannot be share with others.

2. The adolf loos theory have been influences many designer and architect. 
...some of them is very familiar and prominent figure in modernism in later period such as Le Corbusier and  Mies van der Rohe and also Walter Gropius   ...waitt...this name seems familiar riteee???????hehehehehehhehehheeee....YEAH GUYS>>>>>This is the person behind the great BAUHAUS school...hehehehehehe....xcaya usha quote ni dari wikipedia ( Adolf Loos famously proclaimed that architectural ornament was criminal, and his essay on that topic would become foundational to Modernism and eventually trigger the careers of Le Corbusier, Walter Gropius, Alvar Aalto, Mies van der Rohe and Gerrit Rietveld.)

WAlter Gropius....Founder of Bauhaus

so.....are you got it!!!!!!...yeah..when mdm suzy talk about modernism and 'less is more' theory.....the first name i remember is walter gropius and le corbusier!!they are the founder of bauhaus school along with mies van der rohe....and they are highly influence and resonance with ADOLF LOOS........they also prominent figure in industrial design espeacilally LE CORBUSIER who actively designing furniture..............lets me focusing on him!!!hehehehehehheehehehehehehee

LE famous furniture designer...(an of course architect/artist and so on...diorg nih mmg pulun sume)
----------------------------------source edit from wikipedia

Le Corbusier referred to what we now call Art Deco as "the final spasm of apredictable death". Why? Do you consider it a fair judgment?
Le Corbusier, as a Modernist architect and designer, had always supported the ideals of simple and honest design, and therefore he did not compromise with decorative arts, or what we now call Art Deco(which are influenced from art nouveau). Decorative arts, for Le Corbusier, should be separated from the tools; he also blamed the deceit in ornamentation, as it disguised the flaws in manufacture, \ that it hides faults or poor quality of materials used......
Adolf Loos's "Ornament and Crime" written in 1908 gave Le Corbusier new ideas about decorative arts. As pointed out by James Dunnett, from Form and Function : 'His absolute rejection of ornament must owe much to the influence of this "sensational article", and he credits Loos a little grudgingly with the formulation: the more cultivated a people becomes, the more decoration disappears. His primary argument asserting the importance of the distinction between a work of art and an object of use can also be found in Loos'....see how he influenced by adolf loos...hehheheeehee.....Le Corbusier, being the most prominent figure of the modernist, was inspired by a new machine aesthetic and stripped away unnecessary ornament from design, interior and other related fields. He was inspired by the ideals of rationalization and standardization.
The influence of ADOLF LOOS that become part from Le corbusier,have influenced all of his design...Including his famous FURNITURE DESIGN ...Corbusier said: "Chairs are architecture, sofas are bourgeois."....his prominent furniture design as well as ..:


LC 13 Wagon

LC 7 Turning Chair
Le Corbusier Sofa Set (Fauteuil grand confort)

this design and many more produced at Bauhaus school and become very iconic for modernism chairs and influenced by adolf loos theory....TARAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!heheheheheee Gropius and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and along with other avant garde artist and designer (avant garde also modernist) come with many design based on adolf loos theory along with le corbusier.......Do you know that Mies van der Rohe is very influenced by adolf loos until often associated with the aphorisms "less is more" and "God is in the details".......see important the impact of adolf loos theory in industrial design fields...!!hehehehehhe

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe...adolf loos fanatic!!!

thus...BOttom line is.......Adolf loos theory of ornamentation is crime have lead to modernism....and also highly influenced many designer and architect in many fields as well as industrial design. its proven by the founder of BAUHAUS that also use this theory. Though the ornamentation was left behind, style was not. Designers of bauhaus conflict in manipulating negative space or volume to effect a pleasing aesthetic outcome. Because of this they were particularly open to using new materials in order to reinterpret historical forms and surfaces.they do not reject the beauty..only they use machinery to enhance it..and dont want to waste the money and art for the unnecessary ornaments.....thus,,because of industrial design nature is to mass produce...LESS IS MORE is very welcome!!!!

keyword related to each other  here is :  
adolf loos----->>>modernist--------->>>Bauhaus=industrial design!!!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------------------------------->>>>>>>design history--------------->>>cha ;)------->then you read this :p

so....thats why adolf loos easy to be accepted in INDUSTRIAL DESIGN world!!.end of case..hehehehee
by: shahrul anuwar 2010898782 (CHa)

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